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Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Nap Strikes Again

The Tumbleweed fell asleep on the family room floor at 5pm. But she was "not tired!" Tomorrow should be fun --- she'll probably be up super early and be very grumpy at school & gymnastics. Goody.

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AmyR0618 said...

LOL - We are in the same situation tonight. Kaitlyn refused a nap and had a major meltdown at 6pm...I put her in her bed at 6:30pm and she was out like a you said, tomorrow should be fun - good thing I have to go into the office tomorrow, it will be hubby's problem :-) He gets to live my life this week!!! I am going to work and he is staying home...we'll see if he survives AND has dinner on the table when I get home!!

PS. The difference - it's a new camera!!! Happy B-day to ME :-)