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Monday, February 23, 2009


Why is it that no matter what time I start to leave to take the Tumbleweed to school, I always turn on the car to find out that it is 8:43.

Seriously. I started out aiming for 8:30, figuring that if we are in the car at 8:35 it would give us plenty of time. When that didn't work, I started aiming for 8:20. No luck, still backing out at 8:43. Would 8:15 work? Nope - I just had two kids in the car sooner and found myself running back in more times for forgotten mittens, books, drinks, lunch, etc and still left at 8:43.

One day I aimed for 8:00, and we got to school a half hour early.

I think I need to set all of my clocks back 10 mintues. That way when the clock says 8:43 we will still get to school on time.

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