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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Keyboard

Thanks a wonderfully eventful morning, I am now typing this on a new keyboard.

The day started off quite normally. I ate breakfast, poured myself a glass of ice water and sat down to read e-mail. I got up and got the kids dressed, but got a little hung up looking for pants to fit the Dandilion. He is growing and the weather is changing so I was searching through a box of clothes to find something that would fit. I am sitting on the floor in a pile of clothes when the Dandilion comes in grinning like a Cheshire cat and putting something in his mouth. When I said "What are you eating?" he started running, and when I caught him I discovered it was an ice cube! Think fast... "Where could he have gotten an ice cube? My glass of water! Oh no - where did I leave it?!? Ahhhhh, my computer desk!"

The rest wasn't pretty, and despite my best efforts to dry it out, my keyboard did not work when I got home this afternoon :(

The new one is nice though...

No more drinks at the computer.

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