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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The CKC diet

Yup - I found my ultimate diet plan. OK, not a sustainable one, but it is a good jump start.

Here is the plan:

1- Plan a long scrapbooking weekend, with lots of fun classes & crops
2- Pack lots of things you might need for such a trip
3- Pack a few extras, just in case
4- Choose a convention far away from restaurants
5- Take granola bars, snacks, fruit & sandwiches with you
6- Attend weekend of fun
7- Get so wrapped up in classes you forget to eat (shocking!)
8- Shop for more goodies so you have more weight to carry
9- Volunteer in your extra time so you don't have time to get meals
10- Schedule activities in the rooms farthest from each other

I lost 3.5 pounds - and did a ton of scrapbooking :)

1 comment:

TheRandells said...

Sounds like a diet I would love to try ;-) I guess you had a great weekend?? My crop weekend is coming up next weekend, can't wait!!!