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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am attempting to teach the Tumbleweed patience. As parents know, kids are not good at waiting. Instant gratification is what they want - and they aren't shy about it. Anyway, as my patience for demands and whining is wearing thin, I am trying to show the Tumbleweed that "good things come to those who wait."

What are we waiting for? Hummingbirds! After spotting a hummingbird checking out our bird feeder yesterday, we went and got a special feeder and a hanging fuschia plant.

We set them up after dinner, and settled in to watch. The Dandelion only lasted about a minute (no surprise), the Tumbleweed sat with a camera watching the usual birds for about 20 minutes before giving up, and I waited another 10 minutes --- and guess what? A hummingbird came! I would love to have pictures to show for it, but my camera picked the absolute wrong time to malfunction [I have to send it back to Canon for service - argh]. We hope to see our hummingbird more tomorrow, but patience is a must. Will the Tumbleweed have the patience to wait? I wonder...

*Additionally, we noted that moving the birdfeeders around deterred the grackles & cowbirds, but the little birds all found their way to the new locations.

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