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Friday, May 28, 2010

Painted Ladies

Last summer several of my friends mentioned on Facebook that they raised butterflies and it sounded like something the kids would enjoy. Our caterpillars arrived on May 7th. The kids were so excited. The Tumbleweed took on the task of recording their growth using a string of beads on a magic wand. She kept careful watch, recording the changes.

After a little more than a week, we had 5 chrysalids which the Tumbleweed eagerly took to school to show her class. It took a little less than a week before they hatched. Wouldn't you know we missed all the hatchings?!?

After waiting until the last butterfly hatched (3 days after the first), we took them to the back yard to release. The Tumbleweed really wanted one to land on her hand. While we didn't think it would happen, we tried to coach her to get one to sit on her finger. Guess what?!? One sat on her finger for about 5 minutes! She was so elated, and says "The butterfly looked right into my eyes!"

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