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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Garden Update: Berries

The garden is coming along nicely so far this year.

The "original" garden, planted in 2007, is maturing. I thinned the tiger lilies, columbine and daisies, moving them to new locations around the yard. The lilies and lupines are looking good, and the bleeding heart has come up this year, no buds just yet (there are some on the one in the front yard though!).

The "expansion" garden, started in May 2008 and never completely planted, has some good things going for it. The blueberry bush I planted last year, which seemed practically dead after the hail storm last May, has blossomed - which still gives me hope that it will bear fruit.

The strawberries have multiplied like weeds - from 2 plants last year to probably 15 plants with flowers (and many more others).

And then there is the part that I have tried to grow wildflowers in for the past two years... well, I think there are a few wildflowers growing --- or possibly they're just weeds. Right now I think that I will be trying to move the wildflowers out and, after lots of soil preparation, moving the vegetable seedlings I have started in the house in.

And that brings me to the new gardens next to the new swingset... we'll see. One garden is planted with new plants the kids picked out - pansies, a white bleeding heart, yellow mini poppies, some transplanted daisies and some iris bulbs. No signs of the iris bulbs, but otherwise it is going well. The other garden is having trouble with weeds. The transplanted tiger lilies and columbine seem to be taking hold, but not exactly thriving just yet. And I haven't seen signs of bulbs I planted there (gladiola and dahlia), but that isn't really a surprise.

We have some more landscaping in the plans this year, hopefully fixing the "yellow & purple hill" (that is, it is so covered in dandelions and violets that the Tumbleweed claims it is 'impossible' to walk down it because you'll step on the flowers). But mostly I am hoping that the gardens bloom & grow and don't get out of hand by July, as they have in previous years. Green thumbs crossed!

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