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Friday, May 7, 2010

Our "Unscheduled" Schedule

Two months ago, after several weeks with alternating sick kids/mom, I decided not to register for any classes at the Y for a session. After taking numerous fantastic classes, we had missed several classes during the winter session, due to illness or other commitments, and it just seemed like a good time for a break. But what would we do with our time if we weren't sick?!? We usually went to the Y 2-3 times a week, often with the kids and I attending overlapping classes and/or playing in the gym/NAZ.

Well, we had no problem filling our time. MOMS Club activities, trips to the Ecotarium, Messy Fingers @ the Library, Beginning Years Family Network playgroups and, recently, playground trips filled our days right back in. It has been a little more challenging adjusting to our new "irregular" mornings (as opposed to knowing exactly what we were doing every morning for two months), but overall my fear that we would be sitting at home twiddling our thumbs has not been realized. [Go ahead, laugh at the thought that I would be twiddling my thumbs].

However, I am now facing another "scheduling crossroads" - Summer Vacation. As of pick-up today, the Tumbleweed has exactly 2 weeks of school left! And while the "lack" of scheduled morning activities has been working, I am a little worried about having nothing official scheduled during the day.

So I guess that boils down to: I have 2 weeks to get my act together and figure out a way to manage the summer!

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