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Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Swim

With the Tumbleweed out of school early and some conflicts in our scheduling for July & August, the kids did their swimming lessons in June. We opted for "swim weeks" this year (instead of the one-a-week lessons) and I think it worked out pretty well. The kids went every day for a week to their lessons and really seemed to build on their skills a bit quicker than usual. Or perhaps that was because they hadn't had lessons for many months. Either way, I think it worked out well.

The Tumbleweed had a new-found confidence with her pink goggles. On the second day she hopped back in the water at the end of the lesson and showed me the elementary back stroke (aka "chicken-airplane-soldier") all by herself. Swimming on her back was a major hurdle for her, and she certainly made a lot of progress in that area! At the end of the week the instructor moved her up to "Ray".

The Dandelion got to take his first solo lessons and he couldn't have been more thrilled. He smiled through almost every minute of class with "Miss Caramel" (aka Miss Caroline). It was quite the opposite of the Tumbleweed's first solo lesson. Only on the last day did he decide that he didn't want to jump off the platform. I think this was after he had taken some pretty daredevil flying leaps off it and gone under a little more than he had realized he would (see picture below). He didn't put up a big stink about it and the teacher just held his hands as he happily jumped off the side. Aside from that, he loved swimming and was disappointed to be done on the last day.

All things considered, both kids had wonderful swimming experiences and are eagerly looking forward to swimming this summer!

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