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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scared of Everything?

Lately I feel like the Dandelion is afraid of everything. It started with spiders, but I am not sure why. From "There's a spider in my bed!" and "It's making a web on me", he has been calling false alarms at an alarming rate for about a month.

From there he extended his range to include all bugs. Then after that "There's a robot in the hallway and it is trying to eat me!" Sometimes he even says he is scared of whatever we are having for dinner.

And most recently, "I'm scared of brainstorms!" LOL --- he meant 'rainstorms' (the thunder & lightning kind), but he very clearly said brainstorms and it was hard not to laugh.

Somewhere in the there is a bit of a fear of the dark too and to be honest it is getting a little old. Sometimes I can tell he is really scared, but other times I think he could just be looking for attention. He can't really be scared of green beans, right? So I am working hard to handle each situation carefully and trying not to increase the list of things he is scared of (either for real or for attention)

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Ali said...

I read about a mom who made her son a "monster" catcher to hang on the door knob of his door to catch the monsters. Seemed to work for her. Maybe you could make a "Scared catcher" for him—one that will catch all the scary things? All I know is that it is normal for kids to become scared of things at this age. Good luck!