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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bag Lady: A Confession

When did I become a bag lady?

I probably should have seen it sooner, but the recycled bag craze has gotten out of hand. I think we have at least 20, probably more. Every time I turn around there are new styles, pretty colors, & free giveaways. Compound that with my inability to unpack in a timely fashion and it seems as though all of my possessions are "in a bag somewhere". With all of the bags already full of stuff, what do I do if I go to the store? I buy a new bag of course!

Here is a snapshot of the bags I collected from the living room & kitchen this evening. (Keep in mind that I also have numerous bags elsewhere)

After putting them together, I decided to do a little self analysis of the contents to try to get some perspective on the problem...

Back Row:

Yellow Bicycle
- remnants of things I took with me on 5/8, including a ribbon, card, the Dandelion's socks.
Backpack - my clothes from an overnight last weekend
Blue - papers & a book from the Tumbleweed's school field day on 5/17

Middle Row:

Paisley - the Tumbleweed's dress-up clothes, toys & trinkets that she packed on 5/9 but we did not allow her to take with her
Pink Vera - clothes & supplies I took to my sister's wedding shower on 5/2
Green Target - paper, markers & ribbon from 5/22
polka dot - paperwork from Kindergarten Screening on 5/26
brown Vera - kids clothes from overnight last weekend
Toy Story - birthday presents for Dandelion purchased today at the Disney Store

Front Row:

Pink Elephant - kids gear play date & zoo trip on 5/22
Target Plastic - birthday paper products & goodies from 5/25
Dance Bag - the Tumbleweed's tap & ballet shoes
Home Depot Plastic - Off! Clip-on, key chains from 5/31
Horton - 4 library books from 6/1

From that I concluded...

1- I need to unpack clothes after a trip or the next time I want to take a trip I will have to wear dirty clothes.

2- I don't need any more birthday presents for the Dandelion

But the main message is that I suffer from "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" syndrome. And knowing is half the battle. Change is the other, more difficult, half.

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