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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Kickin' Around

The Tumbleweed's spring soccer season is coming to a close. She has enjoyed playing on the Pink Team again this season with several of her friends.

The league made some changes this season and started a U4 level. There were some changes in the game play at the U6 level. It was still 4-on-4, but there was no "little kids/big kids rotation", all the teams play with a defender and they started switching goals at halftime. The changes are good changes, but have taken some adjusting to. In the previous seasons, the Tumbleweed was one of the "little kids" and played primarily against the "little kids". She is still one of the youngest on the team, but she is not necessarily playing against the other team's youngest kids. I think she found this a little discouraging at first, saying that she "didn't think soccer was her thing anymore" because she wasn't scoring goals very often. But a couple games in, she finally "accepted" that she was going to have to work a little harder and has really come on strong since then.

The Dandelion is eagerly awaiting his turn to play soccer (which will start with camp this summer). He always tries to get in on drills at practice, and seems to have learned the "no hands" rule (by dribbling around the field with a Lightning McQueens in each hand). Unfortunately, with the league re-structuring they will no longer be on the same team next year. Looks like we will be sitting around the soccer fields alot next year.

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