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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note to Self: Turning Three

The Dandelion turned 3 today and from the moment he woke up he was ready to celebrate. And after a crazy whirlwind day, here are a few things I learned today.

1- If you aren't having a party, don't tell a three-year-old that it is his birthday.
As I would for anyone else, I said "Happy Birthday" to the Dandelion when he woke up. Whoops. His response "It's my party day? I get presents!" I had planned to celebrate his birthday with a party over 4th of July, so needless to say I wasn't exactly prepared for him to understand "birthday = party = presents".

2- When you are scrambling to throw together birthday festivities for a three-year-old, remember that they probably just want to eat the frosting anyway.
After pulling together green Jell-o cupcakes and decorating them like the aliens from Toy Story 3, I was a little disappointed that the birthday boy just wanted to eat the Cool Whip frosting. All that work making sure I had peanut free candies to decorate with, and he didn't even eat them! Well, I thought they were good ;)

3- When your husband asks if he can get the child a gift, it is probably as much for himself as it is for the kid.
The Eagle really wanted to get the Dandelion a drum for his birthday. The bongos were a big hit with the Dandelion, and the Eagle.

So, what I had planned to be a "regular day" with a favorite dinner turned into a balloons, presents, and cupcakes "party". Next year I have to remember that if I am planning something on a different day, it should be before the actual birthday.

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