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Monday, August 3, 2009

To fix or not to fix

That is the question.

"It bwoken, Mommy." "Not wookin." "Fi sit." I seem to hear these words a lot. Whether it is a crayon that has snapped in half, a toy with dead batteries, or a tiara that has been stepped on, there is always something that is broken. Sometimes the solutions are easy ... a broken crayon is now two crayons and I can replace the batteries (provided I want the toy to make noise again).

But then there are the other toys. Whether they require hot glue, careful taping or sewing I stick them up out of the way. They seem to be piling up on the mantle these days. Should I just throw them away? Maybe. Is it worth repairing them? Sometimes. Do the kids miss them when they have been on the mantle for a while? Mostly, no. Would they be crushed if I threw them away? Mostly, yes.

I suppose one of these days I will actually plug in the hot glue gun and fix them, but for now I have an ever growing pile of magic wands, tiaras, pop-up books and necklaces. It will be like Christmas when they are all fixed.

They don't make toys like they used to!


AmyR0618 said...

idea: why don't you host a "fix your toys" playgroup...LOL.

Kristin said...

hmmm... might have to be a MNO with hot glue guns & sewing machines...LOL