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Saturday, August 29, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 10

Week of August 22, 2009

Theme of the week: Summer Exhaustion. It has been a busy summer, and with the heat still here to start the week it had me saying "is summer over yet?" frequently. By the end of the week it seemed that fall was in the air... literally, as I have been sneezing like crazy all week. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for.

Saturday: The beginning of another race weekend - this time in New Hampshire. We drove up in the morning, stopping at a scrapbook store on the way, and headed straight for registration. Then it was over to the race site for the "TimberKids" race. The Tumbleweed participated in the half mile obstacle course and did a great job. We spent the night with the Eagle's cousin, who lives nearby.

Sunday: The kids & I headed to the TimberMan Half IronMan course a few hours after the Eagle, and were able to see him make the transition to the bike shortly after we got there. After that, it was a long wait to see him again - and by the time he finished we were hot & tired from being in the sun all day. Despite the sweltering heat, he was pleased with his time.

Monday: We recovered from the weekend. The race conditions, and poor hydration on my part (gave all the fluids to the kids), had really drained my energy. We spent most of the day at home - with the only diversion being a trip to the air conditioned grocery store.

Tuesday: We went to the zoo. I thought the kids would be more interested than they were. Maybe it was too hot. Maybe they were too hungry or tired. The Dandelion had a hard time seeing some of the sleeping animals & lost interest fairly quickly, despite my efforts to find familiar animals for him to see (tiger, giraffe, monkey, flamingo). The Tumbleweed wanted to hurry from one animal to the next and wasn't thrilled when we stopped to watch for a bit. But with ice cream, a playground and the opportunity to hold a macaw right before we left - it was declared "awesome" by the time we went home.

Wednesday: A morning with no plan rarely works out - and this was no exception. Despite my best efforts, the kids were antsy until naptime... but I did get some chores done once the Dandelion went down for his nap. He had karate in the afternoon - but I still don't have any pictures (didn't get there as early as I planned).

Thursday: The most perfect day weather-wise --- sunny & comfortable - hooray! We got together with friends for a playdate, and the kids had a great time playing soccer, Hi-Ho Cherry-O! and dress-up. After naptime, it was off to the gym as this week marked the first week of "Fall" practices at gymnastics. The lobby was so crowded! The Tumbleweed got right back into the swing of things & enjoyed the fact that they will be warming up with the Level 2s ("big kids" to her - ages 5 & 6 - LOL) all year.

Friday: Well, one day had to be jam-packed... We had a good time at the Barnes & noble "Back to School" storytime, where the Dandelion actually made the craft!!!! (sorry, huge accomplishment for him) After assessing the options - we had lunch at Red Robin before heading to the MOMS Club Ice Cream Social. It was chocolaty, it was messy, but we had fun :) On the way home we stopped to do a little back to school shopping at Carter's since I had an expiring coupon. They were having an awesome sale on some jammies - I got the Dandelion 4 pairs for $2.23 each! From there we picked up the soccer shirts (which are pink this year), but unfortunately the rain rolled in canceling our first team practice (and eventually the first game on Saturday too).

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