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Saturday, August 8, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 7

Week of August 1, 2009

Theme of the Week: In the Swing of Things. We finally seem to be finding our summer rhythm - the weather was nice and we had a good amount of activities, but not too many. It is sad that we only have one more week of "summer schedule" left and we'll be back to "winging it" until school starts.

Saturday: We headed down to the cape first thing in the morning. We spent the morning with friends before heading to Nana's & Papa's to celebrate the Eagle's birthday. At the end of the evening, I headed home alone to get some things done around the house.

Sunday: Me time! I spent the morning working on scrapbooking kits for one of my classes, then I headed to the scrapbook store for a crop and book club. A much needed break.

Monday: We have finally gotten into a pretty good rhythm getting to gymnastics, although I am still struggling to keep the Dandelion occupied/contained. In the afternoon we went to the Y for their Monster Crafts class. It is the one special Monday seminar that includes 2 year olds, and I thought it would be fun for the Dandelion. I was glad that he tried some of the art project, but he lost interest pretty quickly. I really hope he grows out his short attention span!

Tuesday: First Little Readers Book Club, then a little shopping. I went to Goretti's to stock up on chicken - $1.98/lb every Tuesday. Our last stop was the farm for our veggies.

Wednesday: I finally made it to walking group - yay! Then we were off to make Origami Cranes at a playgroup. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed origami as a kid. The Tumbleweed had dance in the afternoon and the Dandelion was actually tolerable during class. Unfortunately, his karate class was canceled - he might have been a better mood this week.

Thursday: After gymnastics we headed to the Millbury Library picnic - lots of fun, friends & free food. My only regret is that I didn't take the time to let the Dandelion go on the fire truck (or "red bus" as he called it --- I was so thrilled that he got the color right, we have been working on learning colors). Next time.

Friday: A busy morning. We headed out early for walking group, then up to Kohl's & Target for back-to-school clothes shopping and we finished up at the playground with the MOMS Club. It was great to find a new playground - and the kids had a blast. In the evening the Eagle took the kids out to dinner while I stayed home and scrapbooked. I am finally feeling creative again.

Outside Kohl's

At Treasure Land

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