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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life with a two year old has it's ups & downs. This week has been tough. We have been struggling at dinnertime to get the Dandelion to eat anything. And I do mean anything.

Every night, the Dandelion comes running in yelling "dinnertime" and climbs into his chair with enthusiasm. But as soon as he is buckled & pushed into the table he wants to get down and "go play". He yells, he kicks, he throws his fork, he throws his food, he takes off his socks & shoes, even asks to go to "Time Out". Anything but actually eat.

Sometimes I blame this on the rest of his eating habits for the day - big lunch, late snack, big drink before dinner... but this week we have eliminated all of these things and it hasn't helped. He still won't even pick up the food on his plate and he certainly doesn't put it in his mouth to taste it. [so far this week he has refused hot dogs, pasta and steak - all of which he has eaten at some point].

I do think he is hungry. But I think he is throwing a tantrum because he only wants to eat yogurt (last month it was rolls), and he is testing to see how quickly he can get us to give up and give him yogurt. Well we haven't done that, and he has sat at the table until after everyone else has finished. Then he has gone to bed (upset, but he is always upset about bedtime).

Right now I feel like he is never going to "get it".


Speaking of getting it... he has several new phrases that he likes to use - some of which he uses correctly, some he is clueless about. All of them are pretty cute & funny.

"I di i fuwst" - he definitely doesn't know what first means, as he will say this when he hasn't even done anything.

"That no bear" - [That's no fair] - he has been saying this all the time for about a week, I don't think life can be unfair all the time, right?

"I duper duper MAD"- sometimes he uses this correctly, but it almost always makes me laugh.

"Don't you dare that" - I think he knows what this one means, and he usually says it to the Tumbleweed when she is doing something she shouldn't. His first form of tattling, I suppose.

So he is speaking his mind and testing his limits --- and we are dealing with it. Such is life with a two year old.

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