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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Week 9

Week of August 15, 2009

Theme of the Week: Some like it hot, but I do NOT! I guess summer finally kicked in this week, because the entire week was hot, humid and practically unbearable most of the time. We definitely avoided staying home in our hot house, and were crazy busy most days with regular plans and additional activities to help us cool off. After avoiding putting the window air conditioner in the bedroom for two months, the Eagle put it in on Sunday - at least at night we are comfortable! I can safely say, I am ready for fall.

Saturday: A laid back day, with mini-outings & chores. During the Eagle's morning ride, the kids & I did a little shopping and spent a few minutes at Michael's doing their back-to-school pencil box craft. The kids also got to spend some time with Daddy playing in the bouncy house before we headed to a (semi) local wading pool to cool off. Afterward, we went to Friendly's for dinner & ice cream.

Sunday: I spent the day getting things done around the house (cleaning out the car (again), laundry, blogging, and other household chores), while the Eagle took the kids out on some errands. We had grilled pizza for dinner, to avoid turning on the oven.

Monday: The Tumbleweed had her first day "Flippers Camp" at her gymnastics center. Lucky kid gets to swim everyday of this hot week. In the afternoon, we went to a new glow-in-the-dark indoor mini-golf place with friends. Both kids enjoyed it and I think the Dandelion is still trying to find his ball (it went in the last hole and disappeared). Later, we headed over to the Y where the Dandelion and I hung out in the air-conditioned NAZ, while the Tumbleweed tried a cheerleading workshop.

Tuesday: After a quick drop off at camp, the Dandelion and I hosted his little friends for a splash playgroup. All the kids had a lot of fun playing at the water table & in the spray pad in our backyard. In the afternoon, we headed to the farm to weed the children's garden before CSA pick-up.

Wednesday: We got an early start, picking our first raspberries of the season right after the farm opened at 8am - since we had to drop the Tumbleweed off at camp at 9. The Dandelion and I went to sign him up for a toddler program at a local center and played in their A/C until camp pick-up. Then it was my final "afternoon from hell" as the Tumbleweed had her last summer dance class, followed by the dash to karate. I had planned to finally have a karate picture of the Dandelion, but can you believe that there was a kid in class afraid of cameras? I had to put it away before taking even one shot :( After class we went to family swim to cool off before bed.

Thursday: Another day of camp, followed by a trip to the splash pad with our MOMS Club friends. The Dandelion wasn't too keen on the water spraying him, and only wanted to play on the playground. After HOOTs & HOWLs dinner with our MOMS Club friends, the Tumbleweed and I had "girls night" (shopping, smoothies and nail polish) while the Eagle took the Dandelion to the movie (Cars) at the Y for "boys night".

Friday: The final day at camp, and the Tumbleweed was begging to go another week (however this was the last week it was offered). She really gained a lot of confidence in the pool by being able to play in the 2 foot depth, and even the 3 foot depth by the end of the week. I will definitely sign her up again next year! After camp, we went peach picking with friends which the kids really enjoyed, even the Dandelion was able to reach the peaches. We picked some more raspberries & played on the playground before heading home --- both kids fell asleep in the car! And if that wasn't enough, the Tumbleweed had her first soccer clinic for the fall season.

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