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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Tale of Two Drives

Last weekend the kids & I took a bit of a road trip to the scrapbook store on the way to Nana & Papa's house. The morning went something like this...

8:45 am - 15 minutes until intended departure. Still trying to get stuff packed for the day, and get both kids & myself out the door.

9:00 am - Dandilion is in the car, Tumbleweed is going potty, and I am trying to think if we forgot anything.

9:10 am - I have diapers, wipes, drink cups... am I forgetting anything? Why isn't the Tumbleweed done yet?

9:15 am - Tumbleweed stomps down the stairs after being told she can't continue to wash her hands indefinitely.

9:20 am - Run back in one last time for my purse.

9:25 am - Finally pull out of the driveway. Only 25 minutes late.

9:30 am - Tumbleweed: "Mommy, I'm hungry". Mommy: "But you just had breakfast." Tumbleweed "I am still hungry. Hungry, hungry, hungry" Dandilion: "Hungry"

9:31 am - Didnlt pack food. Detour from planned route to stop at Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru to avoid "Hungry" for two hours.

9:45 am - Everyone appears happy with donuts in hand.

9:55 am - getting on 495. Dandilion: "movie" Mommy: "Sorry Buddy, the movie is broken" (it really was) Dandilion: "Movie, movie, mooooveeeee (crying).

9:56 am - turn up Backyardigans CD to distract from the lack of movie. Seems to be working.

10:15 am - Dandilion & Tumbleweed sing "To the Top of Dragon Mountain"

10:20 am - Backyardigans CD ends, and it switches to the next CD. Simultaneously, Dandilion: "digans (crying)" and Tumbleweed: "Momm--eeeee (in a very whiney tone). Mommy switches the CD back, kids are quiet.

10:30 am - Tumbleweed: "Are we there yet?" Mommy: "No. not yet" Tumbleweed: "I wish we could just get there already"

10:40 am - Dandilion: "Mommy, dink pees?" Mommy hands out drink cups.

10:42 am - Dandilion: "Mommy, ah ha mo dink peeees?" Mommy: "Sorry Buddy, no more" Dandilion throws drink cup on the floor.

11:00 am - getting off 495 & notice the Tumbleweed wiggling in her seat. Mommy: "Do you have to go potty?" Tumbleweed: "No!"

11:10 am - Tumbleweed: (wiggling) "Mommy are we almost there I really have to go potty." Mommy: "Do you want me to stop so you can go potty?" Tumbleweed: "No! Just get there right now!"

11:10-11:20 am - we hit every stoplight possible. Mommy wishes she packed extra clothes.

11:20 am - arrival at the scrapbook store. Not a minute too soon. Rush in so the Tumbleweed can use the bathroom.


Now, compare that to this morning, when I headed back to the same scrapbook store for an event without the kids...

8:15 am - 15 minutes from intended departure. Packing lunch, loading the car.

8:30 am - say "Goodbye" and leave.

8:35 am - stop for gas & drinks.

8:45 am - get on the pike. Notice that I am singing "Worman Polka" and change CD.

9:00 am - off 90 onto 495. Thinking it is strangely quiet. Enjoying the time to think clearly & listen to different music.

10:00 am - arrive at the scrapbook store. Sit in the car for a minute and think how nice it is to drive undistracted and arrive on time.


It sure is nice to have some peace & quiet in the car from time to time. Since things change so gradually over time, I hardly noticed how different my time in the car is these days. Before kids, I would get in, put a drink in the cupholder, purse on the seat, pick a CD and start to drive. Now I have to spend time making sure we have the appropriate "gear", buckling the kids in, entertaining them, feeding them and trying to meet their needs before they start to fuss. My car is never quiet --- except on days like today.

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Amy Mike & Kaitlyn said...

Funny and OH SO TRUE! Love the part about unconsciously singing along to the Backyardigans