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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Noah

When the Tumbleweed was little she watched several different Baby Einstein videos on a fairly regular basis. She learned shapes from Baby Newton, animals from Baby Noah, and body parts from Baby DaVinci. As she has gotten older, we have gotten away from the Baby Einstein movies a bit. We moved on to the Little Einsteins, the Backyardigans & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Both kids enjoy these shows, so we hadn't really missed our Baby Einstein videos until we started remembering that the Tumbleweed was able to name more body parts, shapes, colors & animals at 18 months than the Dandilion could. So I started making a point to put "his movies" in more often.

Today the Dandilion and I had some quiet time to ourselves so we sat down & watched Baby Noah. He was totally into the movie, and the experience frequently adjusting the "banket" and leaning over & saying "I do kisses" and giving me a kiss.

Here are some of my favorite animals - "bago", "pahda", "zebrook", "elepant" and "peng-gin". In case you don't speak toddler, that's - flamingo, panda, zebra, elephant and penguin. He also is pretty good at identifying tigers, lions, hippos and fish. Actually, everything in the water was a "fish" --- dolphins, whales, hippos and of course, fish.

He was really cute this afternoon :)

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