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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am a fan of The Cosby Show. The plots are timeless and still relate to the comedy in our everyday lives. I was reminded of a particular episode this morning as we rode to school...

The Tumbleweed was drawing on her magna doodle, keeping fairly quiet. Soon I hear, "Mommy, look. Read this." I wait until we get to the traffic light and turn to see what she is talking about and I see "MANMC" written on her magna doodle. Puzzled, I pronounce it back to her as I would sound it out "man-m-k".

"NOOOO. It says "M an M s.," she tells me.

LOL - she really put some thought into it! Here I thought she was just picking random letters. Still I don't think I would have gotten it even if she had gotten the "S". I was excited to see her taking an interest in spelling/reading. She is starting to move past the "memorize the story so I can pretend to read a book" phase and actually trying to sound out the words on the the page.

So can you guess which Cosby Show episode it reminded me of? The one where Rudy (about 4 or 5) is trying to spell words as Vanessa studies for a spelling test.

Rudy: "What does ZRBTT spell?"
Cliff: "zuh-rrr-buh-tuh. zur-bit"
Rudy: "What's a zurbit?"
Cliff: [blows raspberries on her cheek]

We still call that a "zurbit" at our house. A totally made up word, but we use it all the time. Did I mention I love the Cosby Show?

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Shelly said...

So cute. Isn't it so fun when they start taking an interest in reading?