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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Off to Chicago

I am off to my scrapbooking getaway in Chicago today. I have no idea how they will survive without me - yes, I'd like to think I am that important. I know they will manage somehow. I expect that the Dandilion will decide to take a bottle at some point. And I expect that the Eagle won't get much sleep. I hope the busy schedule on Thursday shows just how much we do in a day.

Aside from worrying about what is going on at home, I am also worrying about my trip. I am not one to travel alone, and haven't done much (aside from some long drives home). I still don't know how I am getting to the hotel from the airport, and I can only hope that I can manage to carry all of my stuff.

I am looking forward to a hotel room all to myself and a weekend dedicated to me... It will all be worth it.

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