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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mini Me

The Tumbleweed loves art projects, so it wasn't a surprise that she wanted to make a scrapbook page just like Mommy. She had seen me working on a page for our Page Swap group, and wanted to make one just like it. And I mean just like it. When I finally convinced her that she could use some of the leftover paper, but that I didn't have enough left of other things, she went to work.

I let her pick some pictures and paper, and she got out a glue stick and went to work. With very little guidance she got the pictures glued down where she wanted them, and asked for some letters. It took me a little while to figure out that she wanted the same kind of letters that I had used on my page, but when I did she and I worked together to put them where she wanted them - vertically, like I had done.

She had a little space left so I pulled out some extra flowers and ribbon, and she went to town! She cut the ribbon and positioned it, and I helped her staple it. Then she put ALL of the flowers on, abundantly, but carefully.

It came out very cute! And boy was she proud of it. She told me "Now, we have to do another and another, and then we can put them in a book and read it!"

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