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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Great Ball of Toilet Paper

The Tumbleweed is in the midst of potty training. With our busy schedules we haven't been very consistent, but she is starting to get it. She happily sits on the toilet and looks through books and does her business. Recently, she has started asking for "privacy". So, I give her some space. Today, I learned why I shouldn't do that.

I was feeding the Dandilion when I heard the sound of a jiggling toilet handle. The Tumbleweed had been in the bathroom for a little bit, so I figured she was finishing up. I went in to check on things, and she informed me "It won't go down". I peered into the toilet to see what she meant. She was refering to a ball of toilet paper the size of a soccer ball. She was very disappointed when I fished the ball out of the toilet rather than flushing it. She really wanted it to go down.

Once that was done, she put on her underwear with her whole body through the leg hole. She insisted it was fine and wouldn't let me help her fix it. All part of the learning process, I guess.

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