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Friday, January 25, 2008

Anything for a Princess

The Tumbleweed has taken the next step in potty training. She finally did a BM on the potty. For the past few weeks I could tell that she knew when one was coming, but she would specifically ask to have a diaper rather than sit on the potty. All that changed this morning.

Yesterday I laid my final cards on the table. I promised a new Princess Belle dress if she would do a BM on the potty. Last night she tried and tried, but no luck. But all was not lost! We were awakened this morning at 6:20 by a little voice whispering "I did poopoo on the potty! Now can I have my Belle dress?!?" Sure enough she had done what was asked of her. She now has her Belle dress and is another step closer to being a big girl.

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