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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You've Got Mail. Not.

Yet another snowy morning in New England. The roads were untreated. The school bus was 20 minutes late. My driveway had be shoveled (again). Everyone who was out on the roads said "stay home!" So I waited (which mostly means "shoveled" in this sentence) an extra hour and a half before venturing out to take the Dandelion to preschool.

The roads were not great, but we got there without incident and I ran an errand in the brief time he was at school. I picked him and and returned home to find our mailbox empty. Again.

We had gotten a note in Friday's mail that we needed "to do a better job shoveling out our box". Wonderful. Despite my efforts after each storm, I was not doing a good enough job shoveling out the mailbox. Grrr. Apparently they have not tried shoveling the multiple feet of ice and snow.

I didn't have time to do anything on Saturday and wouldn't you know, we got no mail. So Sunday I shoveled. I hacked. I did anything I could to make a better path to the mailbox. I thought it looked pretty good. That is until we got no mail on Monday.

And of course, we got snow this morning. I took a shot at improving the mailbox area as I shoveled myself out, and thought I did a fairly decent job. Especially if a salt truck and some traffic could melt a little of the new stuff.

But no. When we got home, there weren't even tracks in the snow that fell after we left for school. They didn't even try! I was so ticked. I kept the Dandelion in the car and we headed for the post office. As I drove down our road I noted all of the "not well dug out mailboxes" that had tracks in the new snow to them. I am fuming.

After parking quite a distance away, dragging the Dandelion across the slushy and busy main road, I find out that they do not have my mail at the post office either. Our carrier "must have taken it to attempt delivery", except that she didn't even attempt it. "You can try to come back around 2:30 or 3:00." Are you kidding? With the Dandelion whining and yelling at my side, I kept back my anger best I could and told the guy that I would not be back later today and that our mailbox is cleared just as well as my neighbors and I do not see why the mail was delivered to them and not us.

Than I went home and took out my anger with a shovel. It didn't accomplish much. I want my mail!


AmyR0618 said...

Kristin - We are having the same problem except with trash. We haven't had trash pick up in 2 weeks...I assume it's because they perceive our hill to be too treacherous with snow on the, the neigbor's dog has gotten into the trashed and pulled it around the yard, then my dad comes and plows it all into the snow can't wait to see what this yard looks like in the yi yi...SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Ali said...

I have also gotten angry letters in my mailbox from the post master. Not this year--so far-- but previous years. We didn't get any mail today either. Hopefully I did a good enough job and we will get mail tomorrow. But we shall see.