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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Potty Training Wheels

On January 1st we tossed all of the Pull-ups in our house and embarked on a new journey. It has been a long road with lots of bumps. We aren't quite at the final destination yet, but here are some of the places we've been:

Laundry Mountain
- Days 1-2
The Dandelion wasn't so sure about the new adventure and didn't quite know how to begin. We went through a lot of clothes during the first few days.

O.K. Corral - Days 3-4
Finally he was at the point of knowing that he had to run to the bathroom when he had to go! Laundry mountain is shrinking in our rear view mirror.

Defiance Canyon - Days 5-7
The Dandelion didn't want to play my new game anymore and we circled back around watched laundry mountain grow again. I started to think we would never get across.

De Nile
- Days 8-17
The Dandelion got the hang of No. 1, but he flat out refused to try No. 2. He was now able to go out of the house in his underwear for school and errands, but he didn't do so well when we got home. Rewards were earned, rewards were taken back. I thought we would never see the end!

Victory Lane - Days 18-20
Finally! The Dandelion finally figured out how to do No. 2 on the potty. Victory dances all around. Laundry mountain is almost a distant memory.

Route 66
We are cruising along pretty well at this point. He's fairly trustworthy as long as he is awake. We have had our fair share of accidents, but they are getting fewer and further between. Phew.

Unfortunately, both kids still have their learner's permits at night. We have had lots of dry nights, but not without a lot of steering. It is humorous to watch each of them in a deep sleep try to navigate from their bedroom to the bathroom. I think the road to dry nights might be a long, long one...

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