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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Scrapbooking Goals

I have finally gotten a chance to look at my schedule for the month of November and make a plan for the things I want to accomplish this month. Last month I was able to be quite productive by giving myself deadlines for projects, so I decided to continue that for this month and I have quite a detailed calendar grid sketched out with topics, plans & deadlines. I am sure someday I will laugh at the effort I put into this, but I look at Mike's exercise training plans and figure that this just my version.

Anyway it boils down to...

Finishing 3 mini books - 1 that is already started
20 new layouts
5 layouts already in progress
12 cards (for swapping)
3 kits (for page swap)
and planning my projects for December's NYOBC.

and... since the kids are napping I better get to work!

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AmyR0618 said...

LOL - I am tired just reading your list...he he he. I love it though!!! I can appreciate needing a plan to get it all done. It's exhausting just thinking of the virtual piles of pictures I have yet to print. Good luck, let's compare notes at the end of the month :-)