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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Photos

We got our holiday portraits done at Sears again this year. Usually, I am pretty happy with the shots they get, but this year it was a lot harder to get all four of us smiling and looking nice. The individual shots of the kids are good, and they got a nice shot of the Eagle and I (for our 5th anniversary later this month). The family shots, I can live with, but I don't love. Maybe they will grow on me.

After the portraits, the kids went to see Santa, in their nice clothes. The Tumbleweed absolutely LOVED talking to Santa (there was no line) and went on and on telling him about things she wants for Christmas --- the cutest was when she first walked up to Santa, who asked "What do you want for Christmas?", and she said "Well, my brover (gesturing at him) wants a train". The Dandilion was not so keen on the whole Santa experience and screamed from the time he was set down on Santa's lap. Oh well - I think Santa will still get him something :)

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