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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

Woo-hoo! Yes, I am one of those crazy people who loves Black Friday. The Eagle and I have been going out shopping on Black Friday since the first year we were dating and he invited me to Thanksgiving (I also dragged him to Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower that weekend, since his parents lived one town over and I had never been -- the whole family thought I was nuts for wanting to go.)

So anyway, this was the 10th year that we scoured the papers on Thanksgiving and made our lists and checked them twice... and planned our route. Some stores we deliberately do together so we can divide and conquer, and other stores we split up so we can be at two different places when they open. Well, this year was different, as the Dandilion was sick a stomach bug and we didn't want to leave my mother in law with the sick kid... so I was left alone to do the shopping.

So off I went at 3:30am... I was at Kohl's for the 4am opening (got what I needed) and then stood in line for the Target 6am opening (I was about the 30th person in the door). At Target got most of the things that I wanted, but didn't bother with the electronics department because I couldn't get my cart even close (this is where I missed the Eagle). I had a 10% my entire purchase coupon so I got several things that weren't on sale as well and cover most of the people on my list.

My only negative issue (which I have never had any of the other years). The Target checkout was packed and since they have double checkouts, everyone was waiting in one line and feeding into both registers. Suddenly a preteen girl darts through and jumps in line at the front register -- and her whole family follows. Grr. So a few minutes later this other lady comes along and tries to do the same thing but can't fit her cart through. She said "Excuse me", and I responded, "Oh Sorry. We're all in one line". And boy she got all huffy! She said back to me "Well Merry *&*%# Christmas to you too! I didn't see you yell at those people" and started to back up. Grr. I didn't dignify her with a response to that but heard her comment to other people in line a few other not so nice names. I wish I had said back to her "You may think I am being rude to you, but I think you are being rude to all of the other people at Target this morning who have waited their turn. Merry Christmas to everyone who you didn't just cut!"

So after that put my Target stuff in my car and brought my cart back into the store and happily handed it to someone who needed one (they were all in use by then). That made me feel a little better and I continued on to three more stores with early morning discounts and headed home by 8:30.

I didn't get as much this year as I usually do, but I didn't need as much of the things that are typically on sale on Black Friday (electronics, small appliances, popular toys). I have lots of my stuff done, but there are a few things left for Cyber Monday...

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