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Friday, November 21, 2008

Drive-thru Cantaloupe?

Why isn't there a place that I can get a drive thru cantaloupe? Why, you ask? Because this morning I needed to get one for the Tumbleweed to take to school and I didn't remember to get it yesterday. So I left the house 5 minutes early (not enough, but all that I could manage) and headed to the grocery store with both kids. It wasn't quite "In and out" but I thought it was close until I went to take the Dandilion out of the cart and put him in the car and realized that he had swiped a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup package while we were in line. So back in we went and handed it to the first store employee I could find.

In the end, the store took about 12 minutes. Combine that with the 5 minutes early, and the 5 minute traffic buffer that I usually allow for, we were only about 2-3 minutes late to school (and not the last ones either).

But drive thru would have been much easier.

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Alison Taber said...

Let me tell you a little about the best place on earth–Dairy Barn– A drive thru convenient store. Unfortunately they only exist on Long Island and do NOT stock fresh fruit, but the concept is genius. They carry basic staples, milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, juice, and of course treats like donuts, candy, gum etc. I didn't really appreciate how awesome Dairy Barn was until I had kids and needed a gallon of milk. Perhaps we should open one.