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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crayons Everywhere

Apparently our artistic children have been giving the crayons a world tour. Yesterday I found some crayons in some places I didn't expect to.

1- In the Tumbleweed's hamper. Just one lonely yellow crayon was hanging out with the clothes... fortunately I noticed during the sort!

2- A handful of crayons in the washing mashine with the adult dark load. Not sure where they came from, since no kids were present during the load process to try "washing the washable crayons". Fortunately no negative outcome.

3- In my bra. The one I had on all day. Not sure how and when it got there, but it clearly fell out as there is a "blue-green" spot on my bra. Too bad it wasn't money :)

I think the crayons need to sit in time out until they learn boundaries!

Related cute Dandilion word... "Cowa" = I want to color

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