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Monday, February 25, 2008

A House Full of Sick People

It is our turn with the flu. The flu that we have is a fever on day 1 followed by DAYS of chest congestion and coughing. We spent all of the school holiday week at home, sick. Here's how the last week went.

The Tumbleweed has had a runny nose cold for a better part of a month, and it continues.
The Dandilion got his first fever on President's Day, followed by days of very runny noses.
I woke up Wednesday with a fever, body ache and cough. Friday I lost my voice.
Saturday, the Dandilion got another fever and a cough. Sunday he sounded like he lost his voice too, but his nose was much better.
Monday, we are all mostly better. I think. The Dandilion and I still sound a bit hoarse and occasionally cough a bit.

Still waiting to see if the Eagle gets the bug, and we are really hoping that we didn't pass our germs on the Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma.

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