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Friday, August 26, 2011

Preschool 2

The Dandelion has been waiting rather impatiently for his first day of "Preschool 2". We spent a lot of time at the gymnastics center, where his preschool is located, over the summer and we would often run into to the Dandelion's classmates who were in summer daycare or camps there. Some days we would even see his teachers passing through the lobby and they would tell him how they were getting the classroom ready for him. He was quite excited to go to the upstairs classroom (for the older preschoolers) and even more excited to eat his lunch at school.

Fortunately for him, his school starts earlier than most schools, including the Tumbleweed. He got dressed and ready to go very quickly for orientation day and even mostly cooperated for pictures.

Once at school he jumped right in playing with his buddies from last year. He was rather disappointed when I told him I was staying with him the whole time. He wanted to go back as soon as we left --- which was complicated by the fact that we did go back for the Tumbleweed's gymnastics practice just a few hours later.

Finally two days later, he got to go back for the whole day. He was surprisingly easy going about being dropped off, especially considering that he cried and/or whined when being dropped off most of last year. And even though his best buddy did not come that day, he was eager to stay at school and eat lunch there. At the end of the day he reported that his favorite parts of school were "lunch and recess" and that he had a new "best friend" (a little girl in his class). Sounds like school is a success so far.

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