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Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Blogging

It is almost time to head back to school and we have been crazy busy since I last posted (beginning of June!?!?). The end of the school year was hectic as all of our activities all came to a close within about a week and we jumped right into summer, with about a million things we wanted to do. So as the kids get ready to go back to school, I am getting ready to get back to blogging and record our memories of the past couple months before I forget.

My blog topic to do list:

1- SuperKids Triathlon
2- Spring Soccer Season
3- Insanity Day
4- Last Day of 1st Grade
5- Preschool 1 Graduation
6- "Insanity Day"
7- Gymnastics Shows
8- Dandelion Turns 4
9- Dance Recital
10- Inky Fingers
11- 4th of July Weekend
12- Patriot Place
13- Girl Scout Camp
14- Picking Fruit
15- Summer Gymnastics
16- Davis Farmland
17- Soccer Camp
18- New Hampshire Vacation
19- Flat Juliette Visits
20- Haunted City Junior Triatlon
21- Lost Tooth #2

There are probably a few more things but there are at least 21 things I want to remember to remember...

Deadline: September 15th - one month from today, a little over 2 weeks after the kids start school and my childhood friend Kim's birthday (funny how some dates just stick in your head, isn't it?).

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Marty Guenther said...

yea - we've missed the blogs :).