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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School - Take #2

The Tumbleweed finally got to head back to school after the original first day was canceled due to Irene-related damage. It was a little strange to have the first day of school called off!

The Tumbleweed had gotten to tour her new classroom the Friday before. She was excited to see the names of the other kids in her class, and she has several friends in her class. I was glad to get some pictures of her at school because I don't get to do that very often :)

Once First Day #2 came, she was pretty eager to go to school. We were ready about 20 minutes early to do pictures before the bus came. As usual, she was a cooperative model. The bus came and picked her up going the other direction, foiling my 'get-on-the-bus-turn-and-wave' picture. Then she was off to Second Grade!

It was a long wait until the bus brought her back. I think it was a little easier than last year, but it was so hard to wait! She gave a thorough description of her teacher, describing her as, "She looks like Auntie but she has curly hair in a pony tail. She was wearing a red dress with white polka dots." And finally, "She looks like she is 21, but she isn't." LOL. And that was most of what we got out of her about how the day went.

She didn't have homework, yet but when she got home she found her desk had been cleared and re-arranged by the "homework fairy". She wasn't too thrilled about this, but seemed to accept it. I am interested to see what second grade homework looks like!

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