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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make Your Own Fun

Last night we read a story to the kids about how it is their responsibility to "make their own fun", meaning it isn't anyone else's job to find them something to do if they are bored. It had been a rainy day with a larger number of squabbles and "boredom" episodes, so this seemed fitting.

The Tumbleweed had heard the lesson before (from "7 Habits of Happy Kids"), but this was the first time the Dandelion had heard it. And of course he has already tried it out. This morning he was up before 7:00, which meant he was supposed to go back to sleep and not wake me up. Actually, both kids came and asked for breakfast at 6:25, but were sent back to their rooms.

Two hours later, I discovered what the Dandelion had done to keep himself busy.

He emptied every book off his bookshelves, every stuffed animal out of the bins, and took out a bunch of toys from the toy box.

This comes on the heels of his comment last night while putting away his laundry, "some things are re-ranged, in case that makes you confused". I guess he has decided it is time for a room clean out, because seeing it all lying on the floor makes it look like an awful lot (especially when it has to be cleaned up at once).

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