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Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Wheels

Today was the big day --- The Tumbleweed got her first bike. The Eagle took her out to the local bike shop & she picked a pretty purple bike. At first she was a little puzzled - as she had been told that once she was good on her tricycle she could get a bike with 2 wheels... so why did this one have 4? Daddy told her that once she learns how the petals & breaks work, she could then learn to balance on 2 wheels. After a test ride in the parking lot, they were sold.

It was a beautiful spring day so on their way home they stopped at a local park and she got to ride around the basketball courts. The Eagle said she really enjoyed it and got the hang of breaking pretty quick. She came and was very excited to show me how well she could ride. Our driveway was a little tougher - with a hill and a few depressions that don't combine well with training wheels - but after a few times around she was pretty comfortable.

Watch out world - she's getting faster!

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