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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Attack of the Birds - Year 2

Thwack, thud.

What was that? I start looking out the window to see if someone was in the driveway & attempting to leave something in the door. No. Must have been the wind.

(a few minutes pass)

Thwack, thud.

Definitely something at the front door... I open the gate and go down to look. "Aha moment." There was a ruffled looking robin on the steps. Yup, the confused bird is back, and we have thrown him an extra curve ball this year by putting the storm window in the front door. My walking down the stairs spooked him enough to fly away and stop banging into our front door.

Hopefully the weather will stay warm & we will put the screen in soon... although, he will probably just choose a new window to scare me at.

1 comment:

MicheleinMA said...

You can put up a black cut out of a bird on your window to keep this bird away. Mind you, you might have to do that to every single window in the area.