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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lorax

Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday and both kids had little celebrations at school. As a surprise I gave the kids the book "The Lorax" at bedtime that night, since I knew the movie had just opened and I figured the kids would be excited to hear the story. That was certainly the case, as the Dandelion requested an encore after the first reading and didn't want to give the book up to his sister to read.

After two days of reading the Lorax, we had the opportunity to head to the movie as a family. The time that worked best for us just so happened to be the 3D showing, so the kids got their first chance at wearing 3D glasses. Both did remarkably well at keeping them on, and I will say that they absolutely loved the movie. The Dandelion requested we go to Target to buy it upon walking out of the theater and was less than thrilled to hear my estimate of "Christmas-time" for its availability.

(Side note: I did not feel the previews were suitable for my kids, although they didn't comment on them and seemed to forget quickly. I would recommend a bathroom trip during the previews for younger viewers because they could be a little too scary.)

When we got back we pulled out some craft supplies to make a truffula tree craft. The Tumbleweed had a blast.

The Tumbleweed's Truffula Trees and Lorax

After she finished hers she added onto the one I helped the Dandelion with (he got side-tracked midway):

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