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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Girl Scout Update

It has a busy month for our Girl Scout troop! As usual, the Tumbleweed has been hard at work doing individual badges in her free time, especially during February vacation. I have been keeping busy finishing up the troop quilt, planning the badge ceremony/open house and trying to keep up with the Tumbleweed's requests for badgework. Here is a quick run-down of the month's activities:

2/4-2/5: YWCA Swim & Fun Overnight The Tumbleweed was counting the minutes to her first sleepover. She had a great time playing & swimming, but wasn't all that thrilled when they started a movie at 10 pm when she was ready to fall asleep. She was the first one to sleep and the last one to wake up... and she followed up with a 4.5 hour nap in the afternoon. Even with the lack of sleep she was eager to plan another overnight!

2/12: Cookie Booth #2 Yet another frigid day to sell cookies. Thankfully they let us sit inside the entryway! We didn't sell nearly as many cookies at this booth, but we had great troop participation.

2/14: Troop Meeting We received our first letters from our New York Brownie pen pals. The girls were so excited to read them! We set up sewing stations for the girls to make their troop quilt while earning their Stitch It Together badge. Thanks to lots of extra hands, the girls learned to sew on a button, stitch a felt patch and sew on a sewing machine.

2/23: Pajama Dance Party Despite needing to arrive late because of dance class, the Tumbleweed had a blast at the Pajama Dance Party. She got a tinsel strand put in her hair, had her face painted and dance & tumbled until they turned off the music. I thought I might regret taking her out to an event after dance class (8-9pm), but she held up well and had a great time.

2/28: World of Girls Open House We concluded our World of Girls journey by finishing the last story in the book, talking about all of the places we had learned about and what Brownies are called there and having an open house for the parents to see the things the girls had been working on. We had a display of the girls "Historically Speaking" projects (the Tumbleweed did Egypt, Israel & Italy) and I had completed the troop quilt (except hand stitching the binding) so the girls could show their parents the squares they made. We concluded with a patch ceremony.

And while that might seem like a lot, March marks the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting, and is going to be just as busy!

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