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Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking a Break

The Dandelion had been taking a Parent & Tot gymnastics class since the beginning of the school year. Most weeks he looked forward to going, other weeks he fell asleep before we got there. Sometimes he wanted to do what the class is doing, but he almost always hated waiting his turn. I finally got to the point that it seemed like I was doing more chasing and discipline than he was doing gymnastics, so I pulled him from the class.

He still has a lesson every week during preschool, but now he waits in the lobby both of the days the Tumbleweed has her practices. It is still a challenge to keep him busy. I had really hoped that he would be sitting playing his Leapster or coloring by now, but that isn't his style. He keeps me on my toes wandering around the lobby, climbing on things, watching the bigger kids play DS and basically getting into mischief at every corner.

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Shelly said...

That's what I have to look forward to with Hunter LOL