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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Sighting!

Santa was in Millbury tonight! He was scouting the route on the top of a fire truck. We were a bit confused at first, hearing sirens and all. When we realized it Santa was right in front of our house! We got up from our dinner to look out the window.

About 10 mintues later we heard the sirens again! Santa had turned around and come back down the street - this time we carried the kids outside to wave.

Just goes to show you - you never know when he is watching!

(I got a lousy picture, but I'll share anyway)


Alison Taber said...

We saw Santa too! He comes every year, usually the weekend before Christams. He came by the house at 7pm, just before we got the kids to bed. Luke kept running back to the window saying, santa, or something like it

Kristin said...

Pretty cool tradition --- usually we have already left for the relatives by the weekend before Christmas so we've never seen it before. I was impressed that they did it in all the snow!