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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


or should I say phone...

The Dandilion was playing in the family room this evening and climbed on the couch to get one of the portable phones. He didn't seem to be pushing buttons, so I let him keep it for a bit and this is what transpired...

Mommy: "Who is on the phone, buddy?"
Dandilion (proudly): "Gmmpa" (new word)

He walks around behind the couch with the phone to his ear and I can hear him saying "heo" (Hello) a few times, followed by:

Dandilion: "Gmma" ... "Gmma"...."Heo" (another new word)

Then he brings the phone to me and says "Gmma?"
Mommy: "Sorry buddy, Grandma and Grandpa aren't on the phone right now."

So cute! I am glad he is finally feeling better. I love the new word stage :)

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