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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fairy Godmother's Ball

This past weekend was my sister's wedding. We spent a long weekend "back home" visiting with family and celebrating her special day. All but 2 of my 14 cousins were there, and the kids enjoyed seeing their 2nd cousins who are all close in age (three going into 1st grade and two starting preschool).

As usual, there were last minute things to do --- like getting my dress altered. My mom had a wonderful friend who was able to come alter my dress right at my parents' house! She also hemmed the Dandelion's pants with him on her lap studying how the sewing machine worked!

The kids were a bit of disaster at the rehearsal - both falling asleep in the car on the 10 minute ride from my grandma's lake house. Waking them up probably wasn't worth it, but it seemed important at the time to try. Oh well.

On the wedding day, the Eagle followed the limo around during pictures and got the kids in their clothes each time. We did let the kids go on a short limo ride to the ceremony, which they thought was totally awesome. I am pleased to say that the kids made it down the aisle and completed their jobs of flower girl and ring bearer with minimal disruption and we brought enough distractions/food that neither had to be removed during the ceremony. Hooray! The setting was beautiful, the weather cooperated and the bride & groom were stunning. Congrats to the happy couple!

At the reception, I got to enjoy eating at the head table with no kids. Apparently the price of the seat was a short speech, which I survived but not without a few tears :) Once the music got going, both kids had a blast dancing the night away. The Dandelion had his own little breakdancing moves that we hilarious to watch and he had a blast doing "cool tricks like Jack". We had to institute a "No Handstands on the Dance Floor" rule for the Tumbleweed so she didn't kick anyone, but once she got over that she was skipping around the dance floor and trying to mimic all the moves everyone else was doing.

We had a great time!

*The Tumbleweed wore the same dress in my sister-in-law's wedding - 3 years ago! We never made one alteration she just grew a few inches....

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